Monday, August 17, 2009

Issues to Address in a Home-Based Career

Having a law of attraction career has many advantages. Likewise, there are some concerns with such an endeavor that should be addressed prior to beginning.

One such concern is that a law of attraction career can be somewhat isolating. This can come in the form of a perceived lack of camaraderie. With no peers close at hand, it can seem that you are going it alone. You may miss out on "water cooler" talk with coworkers. You may also feel that you have nobody with whom you can problem-solve and share ideas. Rest assured, this is not the case. There are many networks of people whom work from home to foster the sharing of contacts, creative ideas, strategies, tactics, and lessons-learned. Such networks provide a sense of community and work-life balance.

Another issue that must be dealt with is child-care. Many individuals with young children go into a home-based career with the idea that they will avoid child-care costs since they will be working in the home. It is important to draw a line between family time and work time. It is not feasible to look after small children, while concurrently working productively. Arrange for preschool, daycare, playgroups, or a babysitter during the hours in which you intend to be working. In this way, your children will get the attention they need, and likewise so will your work.

These are but two areas of concern that any law of attraction career worker must address. Try to view these issues as opportunities rather than hurdles or roadblocks.

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