Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Resource Tool for Women: FemaleFriendlyBusinesses.com

There is a new website out there developed for all of the female business owners of the world called "Female Friendly Businesses. The purpose of Female Friendly Businesses is to inspire, educate and empower you with tips, ideas, and resources through their Web Site and their Video Clips of the week.

One of their main goals is to promote only businesses that are willing to treat Women with equality. Since the majority of Home and Family related purchases made within the United States are decided by the woman of the household, store and shop owners must train their staffs to recognize women as decision makers, and show them more respect.

This site has many great features to offer such as business tips of the week. The host of the site will interview someone new each week and talk about helpful tips for women. The topic can be on anything from organization to how to buy are car. The videos are very interesting and helpful at that. If you are interested in being a featured guest on "FemaleFriendlyBusinesses.com", you can send an email to info@aroundtheclocksales.com .

Other features of the Female Friendly Businesses website is a business directory, a detailed newsletter, a ton of coupons and a good resource of helpful blogs.

If you are a female business owner or someone thinking about getting into business for yourself, make sure to check out this helpful tool: http://www.femalefriendlybusinesses.com/

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