Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stay at Home Jobs For Pregnant Women

Pregnant mothers may have enough stress in their life worrying about caring for the little one inside their bodies. They do not need the added stress of trying to stand on their feet eight hours a day and deal with a job. Some cannot do this due to a high risk pregnancy. Thankfully, there are many stay at home jobs that pregnant women can do in order to make money.

Some women are lucky enough to work in a position that will allow them to take their work home with them during their pregnancy. This is very beneficial; in that they will have a job to return to if they do not wish to permanently stay at home. This also requires no time or work looking for an online job, as you already have the work in front of you.

However, some pregnant women wish to stay home during and after the pregnancy. These women quit their jobs, and plan to be stay at home mommies. However, these women often need to earn some money to supplement their partner's income. Almost all stay at home jobs can be continued even after the baby arrives, if the mom chooses to stay at home.

The work you choose to do at home depends on your interests, abilities, and the effort you want to make. You can choose to work for a company doing telemarketing or appointment setting. These stay at home jobs still require you to answer to a higher authority, though you often have the flexibility of working when you want.

For ultimate freedom, most pregnant women become self-employed, offering services based on their skills. Many freelance writers, programmers, and web designers are women who are currently expecting or already have children. Choosing to work at home in this manner gives them the ability to spend time with their children, while also cutting out daycare and commuting costs.

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Top 5 Benefits of Being A Work At Home Mom

So you want to be a work at home mom? This type of lifestyle is not for everyone. It is only for the non-average moms who have an entrepreneurial mind and are tired of the JOB life, which by the way, stands for Just Over Broke! If you are a mom who is ambitious, then these benefits are just for you.

1. Unlimited income potential

When you work at home, you do not have any income limits. All of the money you make is entirely based upon the value you offer. If your value is high, then you will make a lot of money. Imagine providing this same type of value at a job. Your boss will get at least 80% of your efforts. Remember, when you have a job you are usually paid by time, not by the value you provide. SO in a job, efforts are wasted.

2. You control time now

From now on you get to decide at what time you wake up in the morning, how much time you work, and how much free-time you get. It is all up to you because you have no one to answer to. You know exactly how much time you need in order to be successful. Once you control your time, you can compress it so that you can work only 2-4 hours a day.

3. Work on what you like, outsource what you hate

This is the really fantastic part for all you moms. If you do not like to handle your company's taxes, let someone else do it. If you do not like to answer all your customer emails, let someone else do it. If you do not like to write articles for your business, let someone else do it. You can focus only on the things you enjoy, and pass on all the other stuff to another person. You cannot do this with a normal job. Can you imagine being hired to do something and just hire someone else to do that work for you while keeping the profits (it would be cool though)?

4. Be your own boss

When you entitle yourself as a work at home mom, you can do whatever you feel like doing. You can take a vacation at anytime or work at home in your pyjamas. You can also decide how much to pay yourself and how much to put back into your business. Everything is up to you.

5. The Best part - Spend more time with your family

This is by far the greatest benefit of having a home career. You can spend much more time with your kids and see them grow up. You don`t have to be like the other moms you work too hard to even know that their children exist. Your family will appreciate your friendship. Working at home will bring more happiness into everyone's life.

There you go. You can clearly see that being a work at home mom is much more rewarding than being a regular "work at work" mom. Choose the road that is best for you...

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Monday, July 13, 2009

5 Proven Tips on How to Use the Law of Attraction Practically

There is tons of material online about the law of attraction, how to use it, the "science" behind it, and a plethora of other things all covered by pretty much every kind of media possible: written articles, videos, dvds, and the list goes on. That makes the whole thing a little overwhelming, especially for those just hearing of it, and possibly those that have read an article, or seen a video or two on the subject.

I'm here to tell you that it's not all that complicated to use the law of attraction effectively, and I'll tell you how to get it working in your life, in a practical way that virtually anyone can apply. Before I begin though, the very first step is to make sure your mind and body is prepared to put your focus and energy into what you want to manifest into your life using the law of attraction.

In short, drink plenty of water! The average person needs 8oz of water each day for their body and brain to function optimally. Don't think it's all that important, or irrelevant to the law of attraction? Do a google search on "benefits of water" and I'm sure you'll be a believer :-)

Okay, on with the tips...

#1 - Know Your Goal And Define It

You can't effectively attract something into your life if you don't know exactly what it is you want. Take the time to write down on a sheet of paper exactly what your desire is, and what you want to attract specifically. Try to keep any negativity out of it (e.g. what not to put: "I want to quit this stupid job and stop getting underpaid"... change it to: "I want to manifest a higher paying job doing X").

It also helps to know WHY you want to achieve a certain goal. Sometimes when doing so, you realize you don't really want what you thought you wanted, what you wanted the benefit of what that would bring.

#2 - Visualize Daily

When I say visualize, I mean taking time out of your day (preferably 10-30 minutes) to sit down quietly and visualize yourself in the third person (as if you are watching a movie of yourself), in the situation you want to be in-in other words, you having already achieved your goal.

Make the visualization as accurate as possible, and try to feel the emotions you would be feeling when you do finally use the law of attraction to manifest what you want. Be sure to avoid ANY negativity during this visualization session.

#3 - Become Obsessed With Positive Thinking

Think of negative thoughts and emotions as some kind of cancer invading your body, and the positive thought/emotion counterparts as the cure for that cancer. Rid any kind of negative thinking and regularly feed yourself with positive statements about your goal-even if they are not yet true. While that is a drastic way of thinking of negative thoughts and emotions, they are in fact cancerous to what you want to achieve.

For example, if your goal is to weigh 130 lbs and you currently weigh 230 lbs-try your best not to ever allow yourself to think, feel, and especially tell yourself things such as "I'm fat", or "I'm ugly", or "I'm too big to lose any weight". While you may think it does no harm, your subconscious mind latches onto statements and causes you to move in that direction.

This is especially true for statements you feed yourself that trigger emotional effects. Unfortunately, when it comes to telling yourself things, negative thoughts leave a much bigger emotional imprint than positive statements you give yourself. So make an effort to saturate your mind with positive thoughts and statements that will force you to believe what you are telling yourself.

#4 - Find A Mentor

If you don't know anyone who has achieved your goal, or you do but don't care to meet them personally, find someone on the internet who has genuinely achieved your goal and doesn't mind sharing their experience with others through their website or blog. Read their website articles and allow them to be your mentor, whether they know it or not.

Who best to follow than someone who has been in your shoes and used the law of attraction successfully in their life? You must, however, be very careful as there are a lot of phonies online. Make sure that person really has achieved their goal, and that you believe the advice they are telling you to be true.

#5 - Put Your Thoughts AND Emotions Into Your Goal

And lastly, the most popular advice given from any law of attraction career resource-think about what you want! Constantly think about your goal positively, and focus on it whenever you can. Be sure to leave out any negativity, and remember to rid any "I can't" thoughts from yourself. Sometimes you have a "can-do" attitude, but feelings and fears begin to haunt you making you worried that you'll never achieve your goal. Stop those negative thoughts and emotions in their tracks and immediately replace them with a good thought and affirmation.

Truly believe you WILL manifest what you want, put your positive emotions into it, and you will use the law of attraction to effectively achieve what you want quicker than you ever imagined!

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