Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top 5 Benefits of Being A Work At Home Mom

So you want to be a work at home mom? This type of lifestyle is not for everyone. It is only for the non-average moms who have an entrepreneurial mind and are tired of the JOB life, which by the way, stands for Just Over Broke! If you are a mom who is ambitious, then these benefits are just for you.

1. Unlimited income potential

When you work at home, you do not have any income limits. All of the money you make is entirely based upon the value you offer. If your value is high, then you will make a lot of money. Imagine providing this same type of value at a job. Your boss will get at least 80% of your efforts. Remember, when you have a job you are usually paid by time, not by the value you provide. SO in a job, efforts are wasted.

2. You control time now

From now on you get to decide at what time you wake up in the morning, how much time you work, and how much free-time you get. It is all up to you because you have no one to answer to. You know exactly how much time you need in order to be successful. Once you control your time, you can compress it so that you can work only 2-4 hours a day.

3. Work on what you like, outsource what you hate

This is the really fantastic part for all you moms. If you do not like to handle your company's taxes, let someone else do it. If you do not like to answer all your customer emails, let someone else do it. If you do not like to write articles for your business, let someone else do it. You can focus only on the things you enjoy, and pass on all the other stuff to another person. You cannot do this with a normal job. Can you imagine being hired to do something and just hire someone else to do that work for you while keeping the profits (it would be cool though)?

4. Be your own boss

When you entitle yourself as a work at home mom, you can do whatever you feel like doing. You can take a vacation at anytime or work at home in your pyjamas. You can also decide how much to pay yourself and how much to put back into your business. Everything is up to you.

5. The Best part - Spend more time with your family

This is by far the greatest benefit of having a home career. You can spend much more time with your kids and see them grow up. You don`t have to be like the other moms you work too hard to even know that their children exist. Your family will appreciate your friendship. Working at home will bring more happiness into everyone's life.

There you go. You can clearly see that being a work at home mom is much more rewarding than being a regular "work at work" mom. Choose the road that is best for you...

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