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Idle Time is Not For Me: Retirement Needs to be More Than Time for Play

You invested many years in the work force and made the decision to retire. You look forward to having time to travel, visit family and focus on your favorite hobby. That all sounds great, and most people can’t wait to have more hours for play instead of work in their day! But what happens if you discover that you feel you don’t have enough to do each day and need more structured activity?

This would be a great time for you to explore home-based business opportunities. Working from home would still provide you with flexible hours while offering you structured activity to incorporate into your day. It can also be helpful to earn some additional income to supplement your retirement pension and Social Security payments.

As a retiree, your experience and history in the work force give you a strong foundation to operate and manage a home-based business. It is time to invest in yourself and your skills and know that the work you conduct each day is for your business.

Before starting any home-based business, you need to assess your strengths and interests to determine which opportunities are the best match for you. In addition, always thoroughly research any business opportunities and talk to people who invested in those retiree jobs. Even though each person’s experience with that business opportunity will vary, you will hear some commonalities in what he/she shares to give you a sense of what is involved with this opportunity. Along with the research you conduct, listen to your instincts. Put your experience to work for you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Job Search Basics for Seniors

The good news is that you can find a new job at virtually any age - even if your retired. The bad news is that some employers don’t yet recognize the value of workers over 50. Start by crossing them off your list (at least mentally) and focus on those who might. Of course you don’t know which is which until you actually get out there, but don’t assume no one will hire you because of your age. And keep in mind, that if you think nobody will hire you, you are probably right. To a great extent, a job search is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you have a plan and work the plan, despite the obstacles, you are very likely to succeed when searching for a retiree job.

Before you start your search you need a plan. Here is one likely approach. Know the strengths and weaknesses that you have developed along the way and use them to your advantage. As an over 50 worker you have the advantage of a good work history. Identify the times when you were particularly successful and enjoying your work. Identify the major skills that you were applying and enjoying that made you successful. Identify the industries and markets you have been exposed to and the functional areas where you have experience (finance, sales, marketing, operations, etc.), and look particularly for unique skills or a combination of skills that you now have.

Using this skill set as a foundation, try to identify two or three scenarios that would have you jumping out of bed in the morning and would draw on the skills you have identified. In narrowing your focus, you might also look at your outside interests, the underlying values you possess, particularly those that might relate to a personal mission, other factors such as income requirements, geography, travel restrictions, etc. Also, look at trends in business and employment opportunities when searching for jobs for retirees. You want to ride the horse in the direction it’s going, an apt statement for the job search.

The next step is to do some research, test your career focus by talking with people who are already doing the job. Is it what you expect, are your skills transferable, does it look interesting, what are the disadvantages?

If you are looking for career continuation, working in the same industry in the same type of position you had most recently, you can do a traditional style job search. Contact employment agencies and search firms, surf the web and ask around to see if contacts know of opportunities.

If you want to change careers, functions or industries, you must network into opportunities. Traditional search strategies (ads and search firms) are typically career changer unfriendly because they are able to generate so many perfectly qualified candidates they don’t have to take a chance on training someone.

However you plan to search for jobs for retirees, you will need a resume or profile. There are books, articles (see ours) and web sites with virtually infinite variations on the perfect resume. Start writing your resume by assuming it won’t be perfect. Get it done and get on to the next step, which is to line up your references. You should have three to five people who know your work, are guaranteed to say wonderful things about you and who might be willing to introduce you to some of their contacts, as well as taking phone calls to vouch for you from potential employers.

There are also articles, books and web sites about interviewing. The good news is that interviews are open book exams. You know the questions you will get and can prepare for them. In particular, prepare for the questions you are afraid you might get. These are the ones that tend to put a damper on your search effort. And remember, enthusiasm sells.

In executing your plan to find retiree jobs, establish goals, set metrics around numbers of phone calls, letters, web responses, networking meetings, etc. as if it were a typical work project. Be positive, assertive and persistent in your execution, and if you follow these basic steps, you will succeed. If you are stalled, not achieving the results you want or have other questions, there are a number of career consultants (possibly including those at your alma mater’s career planning office) available to help.

(article source: By John Decker)

Some Great Jobs for Retirees

Today's seniors may either feel the pinch of the economy or be bored at home initiating the desire to return to the workforce. Volunteer work has been the standby for many retirees, but many are looking for second careers and, in some cases, a way to supplement their retirement income by getting a part time job.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 percent of Americans 55 years and older will be working by 2015. Many post-retirees want to utilize their experience while allowing part-time or flexible hours.

Here we suggest some employment alternatives for seniors looking to get back into the workforce.

Corporate Assistant
Many corporate and small business offices have job-sharing programs for their office/clerical employees. Some great part-time office jobs include Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, and General Clerk. This can be a great part-time job for retirees because you only have to work four or five hours each day, and you can typically choose your shifts or rotate them with other employees. Employers benefit by not having to pay benefits to the part-time staffers.

Assistant Librarian

You might consider a part-time job as an assistant librarian. The hours tend to be flexible although the pay is not extremely high. Generally you do not need any previous experience to work as an assistant librarian. However, due to low funding, some small libraries will work only with volunteers. Consider pursuing a job in a university or specialty library where the pay rates might be higher. A librarian is a great job for retiree because of the flexible schedule and easy work load.

Substitute Teaching

School systems are often looking for reliable substitute teachers. If you think you possess the patience required to assist in the classroom, this job might provide the flexibility that you need. Substitute teacher requirements may differ form state to state, so be sure to research specific requirements in your area.

Medical Records Transcriptionist

Medical Records Transcriptionists transcribe medical dictation by physicians and other medical practitioners pertaining to patients' assessment, diagnostics, therapy, and other medical reports. Often, employees are required to have taken coursework in medical terminology. Many of these jobs are offered on a part-time basis and as a home-based work opportunity.

Consultant and Freelance Work

If you enjoy setting your own pace and your own hours, consulting is a great part-time job for retirees. You don't have to take any job that doesn't interest you and you can put your personal expertise to good use. Some consultants work for themselves while others find part-time work with large corporations.

If you're technologically inclined, you can start a consulting business with your home computer. If you enjoy writing, there are many online writing opportunities to explore. If you create arts and crafts, check with your local Chamber of Commerce to find art associations that offer arts and crafts shows in your area so you can market your artwork and/or handicrafts

Top 5 part time jobs for Retirees

If you are retiring, you might not be ready to hang up your employment hat just yet. Part time jobs for retirees are common, and companies are looking for someone experienced and responsible like you. Contrary to popular opinion, retirees are just as in-demand in the workplace as the young and inexperienced, if not more so. If you're looking for a part-time job after retirement, following are the top five.

Many corporate and small business offices have job-sharing programs for their office/clerical employees. This can be a great part time job for retirees because you only have to work four or five hours each day, and you can choose your shifts or rotate them with other employees. Job sharing programs are popular with start-ups because paying two part-time employees means that they don't have to provide benefits.

If you're looking for a part-time job in an office/clerical position, consider contacting local real estate, doctor and veterinary offices to inquire about open positions. You can also find jobs in the oil and gas industry, the staffing industry and the research field.

Assistant Librarian
If you like books, you might consider a part-time job as an assistant librarian. The hours are usually pretty flexible and you can sit for a large majority of the day. There is very little heavy lifting, which makes it a great part time job for retirees. You don't have to have any previous experience to be an assistant librarian and your chances of finding work in a large city or town are pretty decent.

The only downside to being an assistant librarian as a part-time job is that it doesn't often pay well. Some small libraries will work only with volunteers because their funds are so low. If you're looking to make more money, consider pursuing a job in a university or specialty library where the pay rates might increase.

For those of you who enjoy setting your own pace and your own hours, consulting is a great part-time job for retirees. You don't have to take any job that doesn't interest you and you can put your extensive background to good use. Some consultants work for themselves (self-employed) while others find part-time work with large corporations.

The great thing about this option is that it is one of the highest-paying part-time jobs for retirees. Many consultants earn in excess of $200 per hour for their services, but you do get to set your own prices. If you're technologically inclined, you can start a consulting business with your home computer and never leave your own home office.

Customer Service Representative
Department stores and retail outlets are always looking for retirees to fill part-time positions. A customer service representative can work as a greeter, a cashier or at the customer service desk, all of which are fairly easy jobs that provide stability and support. If you work for one of the larger retailers, you might also be able to get benefits if necessary for your part-time job, and you'll have your choice of hours.

If you're looking for a part-time job that doesn't require any physical activity, telemarketing might be right up your alley. This is another part-time job for retirees that can potentially pay a lot of big bucks, but is only recommended for professionals who have experience in direct sales. Telemarketing should also be considered very carefully with regard to business ethics. Make sure that the company for which you are interviewing has strong rules and policies when it comes to contacting potential customers.

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Focus the Seasons on Your Part Time Job

I've seen a number of interesting twists in the world of part time jobs for seniors.

I once had a friend who worked doing people's taxes in the spring, as a tennis pro in the summer, took the fall off and traveled, sold calendars for the months of November and December, and taught skiing for the rest of the winter! (not being tied to a job, one winter he just took off for the southern hemisphere, and essentially taught tennis for 18 months straight without seeing the winter!)

I know people that have sworn on never having full time work - and have instead focused on juggling 3 or 4 part time careers - the funny thing about this situation is that often this meant that they actually made more money and spent less time working!

Part time jobs for retirees can result in actually being more lucrative per hour if managed properly - set up with the right timing and focus. While it sometimes means that you need to be available on short notice, it can also mean that you have a large stretch of time to live your life. Many people in the full time career world spend 50 weeks of the year slaving away, just to have 2 weeks on a beach - of that time, they spend 1 week unwinding, and 1 week getting anxious about all their work that has piled up in the office!

Seasonal work is great because it's always changing - there's no day to day similarities, there's no stretch of 6 months where you're thinking that you've seen all this before.

Here's how to be prepared for it:

- Know "who's who"

It helps if you know the local area - are there calendar shops that you see in the same corner of the mall every year? If so contact the mall and find out who runs them - it's good to get in contact with them.

Most people working in the area of seasonal part time jobs for retirees move in a relatively small circle - since they're always changing jobs, chances are they've worked together before!

- Have a talent

Sports pros are usually in demand for seasonal work (especially if you can show that you're reliable), as are landscapers, construction trades, and restaurant / wait staff.

Having a background in any of these areas, as well as references is always an advantage. Focus on what you've accomplished, and keep in touch with old managers (you never know when they might have extra work for one-off jobs available) so that reference calls aren't that unfamiliar.

Accreditations and qualifications are very useful - many sports (skiing, tennis, etc.) have professional level accrediations that are transferrable around the world and will help a potential employer determine your skill and ability level.

By having a large number of different skills, it should be east to make part time careers your full time careers!

Part Time Careers | Most Popular Part Time Careers

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Part Time Jobs from your Home

Most people who seek to make money online start out by working part time at it, and hope to see some results fast. It maybe to pay bills, finance a vacation, or help in some other way, but no matter how it's spent, it's nice to have some extra cash coming in. The following are part time jobs from home that can earn approximately $1000 each month just by working a few hours a week.

Become an Online Seller

Many choose to begin earning money online by signing up with an online seller. It costs nothing to open an account and it only takes minutes to list an item and earn money from it. It's recommended to become familiar with the site's practices before diving in. Purchase a couple items from the site that you have been meaning to buy, just to see things form the buyer's perspective.

Once you have the basics down, you can begin listing your own items for sale. You probably have almost $1000 worth of stuff laying around your home that you've been meaning to get rid of, and you can do that in your first month. Once you begin selling items, invest some of your earnings into shopping at yard sales and thrift stores for bargains that you can re-sell on eBay and still earn money.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

If you do not have your own products to sell, you can earn money by promoting other people's stuff. Digital products work best, as they can be purchased and in the customer's hand in a matter of seconds. Look for one of the leading affiliate marketing marketplaces on the Internet, with 1000's of products available for sale in many different niches.

Many affiliate marketing companies are free to join. Once you have an account, you will have access to special links. When a customer clicks your links and makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale. Advertising your links can be done through articles, blogs, websites, and pay-per-click advertising. The more people you can get your link in front of, the better!

Sell Greeting Cards w/ Karens Cards

What's Your Definition of a Rewarding and Profitable Career? Is it:

The ability to set flexible hours and be your own boss?
Enjoying a career that fulfills, rather than drains you?
Adding supplemental income to your family's coffers?
Working in a field where your generosity and creativity pay off?
Making someone's day, at least once a day?
All of the above?

If you mentally checked off “All of the above,” then I'd like to show you something tailor-made for entrepreneurial, motivated moms like yourself. In fact, there’s a whole network of us waiting to meet you. Hello, I’m Karen Saunders. I’ve owned a successful home-based business for more than 18 years. Sometimes I struggled with how to stay in touch with my clients, ask them for referrals and communicate with prospective clients.

Three years ago I found a solution and a new business opportunity
I mentioned my dilemma to my business coach and she introduced me to a customized card sending program that has transformed my business. In just one year, my home-based business expanded to the point where I’m keeping five associates busy.

Now I devote most of my time to my card business – Karen’s Cards. Now I’m offering you the opportunity to start your own card sending business and enjoy the same success that I’ve achieved.

All you’ll do is introduce entrepreneurs, small business owners, clients, associates, and individuals to this unique program. Show them the customized, high-quality cards appropriate for many occasions (holiday greetings, recognizing customers’ birthdays, thank-you notes, requesting referrals, etc.). I have also had great success with this business using the law of attraction.

For just about 75 cents an account holder can go to their computer to log in, select from a wide variety of designs, write a personalized message, and have a professional – yet personal – card automatically printed and mailed!

This program allows even the smallest business to expand its client base through relationship marketing. You can probably name dozens of businesses that can benefit from this perfect part time job!

The Secret with Being Happy About your Part Time Job

Happiness with your part time job is a result of getting the part time job at a company that you really WANT to work for, and not one that you just need (for the money or because you were referred by someone or just because it is convenient)

Take these steps to ensure your happiness when you finally do find a part time job.

First, pull out a piece of paper and start by making a list of all of the places that you FEEL that you would like to work for.

What sort of things are you interested in, in life? Do you like sports? Do you like computers? Do you love food? Are you a friendly type of person and like to talk and meet people? Do you like to stay on top of current news and events? Does business and finance interest you? Do you love the latest electronic gadgets? Are you on top of the latest cell phone technology?

The second step is to narrow down the list of things that interests you and possible companies that you can apply for a part time job at.

Factors to help narrow down the list are:

  • What companies are closest to your home
  • Which companies are hiring immediately
  • Which companies offer the best benefits package
  • Which companies offer the best flexibility with hours and scheduling
  • Which companies have a history of promoting good employees
  • Which companies pay the most money per hour

Third step is to view the list of part-time jobs at a nearby career center or start applying online for part time jobs for retirees at only companies that you WANT to work for that scores the highest points based on the above criteria..

Working at a place that you WANT to work for will allow you to contribute to a positive environment because deep down inside, your heart and soul are "being fed" because you are surrounded by things that interests you and fellow employees that are fun to work with.

Naturally, because you are happy inside, it will be reflected in your outward behavior. It is always helpful to find a job that could lead to a law of attraction career which focuses on being happy on the inside and believing good things will happen to you.

The way you walk, the way you interact with your fellow employees, the way you greet your customers, the way you are explaining the products that you are selling, the way you respect the management team, etc...

These things will all be a reflection of your inner happiness.

Part time jobs for retirees are a good place to practice going after what you want in life. Make the most of your job search and get the job you REALLY WANT!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can Seniors Work at Home For Free?

By Kathy H

All of a sudden I found that it was about time for me to retire, but I really couldn't afford to. I needed to find a way to make some money at home for when I retired. I was like so many seniors that want to work at home, and when I started looking for something, everything I found you needed money to get started, or it turned out to be a complete scam.

So how can seniors work at home? The answer is Freebie Trading. Seniors can make money, and get free stuff too and not have to put out a lot of cash.

The method is very simple. You sign up on a freebie forum and find a mentor (On most of the forums everyone there will be willing to help you) then you do a couple of advertisers offers, the mentor you have chosen will guide you and give information to help you along the way, and when you have completed the required amount of offers your mentor will pay you. You will repeat this process for several other advertisers and get paid by your mentor.

Although you will be spending some money on the advertisers offers, I have found that I can use that to my advantage, by buying things, I can use for birthday presents for the grandchildren and for Christmas presents.

Oh yeah, by the way, those advertisers you bought offers from.... Well they will be giving you gifts to bring new referrals to them.

This is a legitimate way for seniors to make some of those extra dollars, and get gifts for friends and family at the same time. You can even earn yourself a few free gifts along the way. Because of Freebie Trading, I will be giving my hubby a new Wii for his birthday this year.

Learning Freebie trading is easy and takes no special skills, so everyone can do it.

How would you like to learn Freebie Trading by simply watching step-by-step Free videos? If so Click This Link to watch them now

The Benefits of Jobs for Seniors

By Grayson Thrush

Many seniors whom have been retired for some time find that they wish to pursue a job again. This is a terrific opportunity for such people to pursue their passions, giving little if any regard to financial compensation. Their financial future is already secure, and now they can follow their hearts.

Often times, this comes in the form of working for well-intentioned nonprofit organizations. These opportunities can be found in any number of welfare agencies such as animal shelters, rescue missions, hospice, and a wide array of initiatives put forth by faith-based organizations.

Pursuing a job as such will help keep the mind vibrant and active. It will also bolster social lives, as seniors often find friendships with one another through these types of arrangements. The benefits of this are many, including increased longevity and decreased ailments such as dementia. There is a lot of comfort to be found in building relationships with others in situations similar to our own. There is a sense of not being in it alone anymore.

Some seniors even decide to forgo compensation altogether and volunteer on a regular basis. They have a lifetime of experience, knowledge and wisdom to draw upon and share. It engenders great pride to have opportunities to share these assets to the benefit of others.

One's golden years need not be spent whiling away time in an assisted living center. Seniors are poised to deliver many positive outcomes for society at large. This is a symbiotic relationship in that both community and individual seniors reap benefits.

Planning your retirement can be a fun and rewarding experience. For more information, please see Retirees Job and/or Jobs For Retirees.