Monday, September 21, 2009

The Secret with Being Happy About your Part Time Job

Happiness with your part time job is a result of getting the part time job at a company that you really WANT to work for, and not one that you just need (for the money or because you were referred by someone or just because it is convenient)

Take these steps to ensure your happiness when you finally do find a part time job.

First, pull out a piece of paper and start by making a list of all of the places that you FEEL that you would like to work for.

What sort of things are you interested in, in life? Do you like sports? Do you like computers? Do you love food? Are you a friendly type of person and like to talk and meet people? Do you like to stay on top of current news and events? Does business and finance interest you? Do you love the latest electronic gadgets? Are you on top of the latest cell phone technology?

The second step is to narrow down the list of things that interests you and possible companies that you can apply for a part time job at.

Factors to help narrow down the list are:

  • What companies are closest to your home
  • Which companies are hiring immediately
  • Which companies offer the best benefits package
  • Which companies offer the best flexibility with hours and scheduling
  • Which companies have a history of promoting good employees
  • Which companies pay the most money per hour

Third step is to view the list of part-time jobs at a nearby career center or start applying online for part time jobs for retirees at only companies that you WANT to work for that scores the highest points based on the above criteria..

Working at a place that you WANT to work for will allow you to contribute to a positive environment because deep down inside, your heart and soul are "being fed" because you are surrounded by things that interests you and fellow employees that are fun to work with.

Naturally, because you are happy inside, it will be reflected in your outward behavior. It is always helpful to find a job that could lead to a law of attraction career which focuses on being happy on the inside and believing good things will happen to you.

The way you walk, the way you interact with your fellow employees, the way you greet your customers, the way you are explaining the products that you are selling, the way you respect the management team, etc...

These things will all be a reflection of your inner happiness.

Part time jobs for retirees are a good place to practice going after what you want in life. Make the most of your job search and get the job you REALLY WANT!

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