Monday, September 21, 2009

Focus the Seasons on Your Part Time Job

I've seen a number of interesting twists in the world of part time jobs for seniors.

I once had a friend who worked doing people's taxes in the spring, as a tennis pro in the summer, took the fall off and traveled, sold calendars for the months of November and December, and taught skiing for the rest of the winter! (not being tied to a job, one winter he just took off for the southern hemisphere, and essentially taught tennis for 18 months straight without seeing the winter!)

I know people that have sworn on never having full time work - and have instead focused on juggling 3 or 4 part time careers - the funny thing about this situation is that often this meant that they actually made more money and spent less time working!

Part time jobs for retirees can result in actually being more lucrative per hour if managed properly - set up with the right timing and focus. While it sometimes means that you need to be available on short notice, it can also mean that you have a large stretch of time to live your life. Many people in the full time career world spend 50 weeks of the year slaving away, just to have 2 weeks on a beach - of that time, they spend 1 week unwinding, and 1 week getting anxious about all their work that has piled up in the office!

Seasonal work is great because it's always changing - there's no day to day similarities, there's no stretch of 6 months where you're thinking that you've seen all this before.

Here's how to be prepared for it:

- Know "who's who"

It helps if you know the local area - are there calendar shops that you see in the same corner of the mall every year? If so contact the mall and find out who runs them - it's good to get in contact with them.

Most people working in the area of seasonal part time jobs for retirees move in a relatively small circle - since they're always changing jobs, chances are they've worked together before!

- Have a talent

Sports pros are usually in demand for seasonal work (especially if you can show that you're reliable), as are landscapers, construction trades, and restaurant / wait staff.

Having a background in any of these areas, as well as references is always an advantage. Focus on what you've accomplished, and keep in touch with old managers (you never know when they might have extra work for one-off jobs available) so that reference calls aren't that unfamiliar.

Accreditations and qualifications are very useful - many sports (skiing, tennis, etc.) have professional level accrediations that are transferrable around the world and will help a potential employer determine your skill and ability level.

By having a large number of different skills, it should be east to make part time careers your full time careers!

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