Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Benefits of Jobs for Seniors

By Grayson Thrush

Many seniors whom have been retired for some time find that they wish to pursue a job again. This is a terrific opportunity for such people to pursue their passions, giving little if any regard to financial compensation. Their financial future is already secure, and now they can follow their hearts.

Often times, this comes in the form of working for well-intentioned nonprofit organizations. These opportunities can be found in any number of welfare agencies such as animal shelters, rescue missions, hospice, and a wide array of initiatives put forth by faith-based organizations.

Pursuing a job as such will help keep the mind vibrant and active. It will also bolster social lives, as seniors often find friendships with one another through these types of arrangements. The benefits of this are many, including increased longevity and decreased ailments such as dementia. There is a lot of comfort to be found in building relationships with others in situations similar to our own. There is a sense of not being in it alone anymore.

Some seniors even decide to forgo compensation altogether and volunteer on a regular basis. They have a lifetime of experience, knowledge and wisdom to draw upon and share. It engenders great pride to have opportunities to share these assets to the benefit of others.

One's golden years need not be spent whiling away time in an assisted living center. Seniors are poised to deliver many positive outcomes for society at large. This is a symbiotic relationship in that both community and individual seniors reap benefits.

Planning your retirement can be a fun and rewarding experience. For more information, please see Retirees Job and/or Jobs For Retirees.

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