Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Idle Time is Not For Me: Retirement Needs to be More Than Time for Play

You invested many years in the work force and made the decision to retire. You look forward to having time to travel, visit family and focus on your favorite hobby. That all sounds great, and most people can’t wait to have more hours for play instead of work in their day! But what happens if you discover that you feel you don’t have enough to do each day and need more structured activity?

This would be a great time for you to explore home-based business opportunities. Working from home would still provide you with flexible hours while offering you structured activity to incorporate into your day. It can also be helpful to earn some additional income to supplement your retirement pension and Social Security payments.

As a retiree, your experience and history in the work force give you a strong foundation to operate and manage a home-based business. It is time to invest in yourself and your skills and know that the work you conduct each day is for your business.

Before starting any home-based business, you need to assess your strengths and interests to determine which opportunities are the best match for you. In addition, always thoroughly research any business opportunities and talk to people who invested in those retiree jobs. Even though each person’s experience with that business opportunity will vary, you will hear some commonalities in what he/she shares to give you a sense of what is involved with this opportunity. Along with the research you conduct, listen to your instincts. Put your experience to work for you!

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