Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travel Jobs for Retirees

Retiring, retired, or hoping to soon be? Would you like to hear that there are travel jobs for retirees? Do you need to keep working but want change in your life from the old job routine? How about having some spicy adventures that will bring back your youth? After personally asking some senior citizens a few questions, many of the number one answers to what they'd like to do after retirement was travel and see the world.

Probably this would affect more retirees who have lost their mate, or for other reasons, lived alone. But, there are couples who do this together also. Upon doing some research some time back, here is what I discovered and would like to pass on to you, if you're interested:

Try Snowbirding!

What is snowbirding? Don't feel bad because millions of others have never heard of it either. Basically, it is when a person or group of people go to one area, for a season of work, then go to another area to do jobs set up for them. For example, during cold weather you might travel to Florida for so many months. Then, as the weather there begins to really heat up, you might travel to North Carolina to the mountains. You would work a job, enjoying the cool mountain air.

There are some that own their own home. They might live in Maine in the summer in their own home, then travel south in the winter to work during the cold spell. Vacationers usually visit an area because of the beautiful views, or the exotic locations on the map. Plus, of course the weather conditions play a part too. With the snowbirders these things are important also, although they have extended reasons as they stay there longer, and have a job to do.

Availability of a good hospital or medical center, and their clubs or churches play a very important part in their decision. Since they will be living there a number of months out of the year, several factors are taken into consideration when looking at jobs for retirees.

Country Clubs/Resorts/Golf!

These are just some of the places that are using people who travel to different locations to do work for them. Do a search online by simply typing in "snowbirding" with quotes and you'll get quite a list, depending on what you are looking for. The pay is reasonable, you can travel seeing different parts of our beautiful world, and this is a wonderful way to mix business and pleasure. Some have families in areas they work out of, so what a way to go.

One last suggestion:

If these travel jobs for retirees seems to fit your fancy, hear this. I have a good friend who works for CVS, which is a large chain of pharmacies, and he told me some valuable information, I'd like to pass on to you. This big drugstore chain gives their working employees the option of working on a snowbird level if they so desire. If this sounds good to you, check with the CVS manager close to you. Wishing you a world of success because you, my fellow retirees, are the greatest folks on earth.

If the thought of snowbirding or other jobs for retirees interest you, make sure you go to for a complete guide to show you what is available.

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