Sunday, August 23, 2009

Perfect Jobs for Retiress

Everyone will retire one day, and most people really look forward to it. After all it's a time you can finally kick back and do all those things that we never had the time for before. Things like new hobbies, more time with family and friends, relax, and travel. These things might sound interesting when you're slaving away at work. But when you spend all your time doing these things, you might wonder about whether these activities are as meaningful as work was.

You might think that finding another job after retirement seems crazy. But think about it, a long term activity that you can dedicate yourself to. Doesn't that sound meaningful? Retirement can last a long time, and there is only so much fishing, travelling and relaxing you can do day in and day out. This time, you're not just working for a paycheck, you're working for something you really enjoy, something that can enrich your life.

Here are five perfect jobs for retirees.

1. Consulting. Don't let all that wonderful business knowledge go to waste. Become a consultant for your old company or other companies. You can work part time, or when you're needed. This way you won't overload yourself with work. Companies will pay more for your services as you're not a full time employee, so they save on the benefits the regular employees get.

2. Temping. Think of temporary employees as substitute teachers. A company may urgently need to fill in a position for a regular employee on a short term basis which is perfect for a retirement job. For example to cover maternity leave. The company doesn't want to hire a full time employee only to fire them in a few months. That's where temps come in. You can work occasionally and earn some extra cash, while the company gets the cover they need without having to go through the hassle of hiring someone full time.

3. Seasonal jobs. Holidays are always a busy time for those in the service industry. With more customers around, companies need more staff. Why not get a job during the holidays. A lot of companies find retired workers to be more patient and have excellent customer service skills.

4. Those who can, teach. Retirees have had much valuable work experience and knowledge. In fact many professors or teachers in middle and high schools may have been retired professionals. It would be a shame to waste that wealth of knowledge and wisdom, so why not pass it on to the younger generations.

5. Non-profit organizations. Working for these organizations not only earns you a little extra money, but also add purpose to your retirement. You can change policies and petition the state and federal agencies for more money to support your programs and make a real difference to your community.

Retirement doesn't mean long boring days of trying to find something meaningful to do. You can add meaning and inspiration to your later years by re-entering the workforce, and do something you really care about for a change. If you know where to look, finding jobs for retirees is not difficult at all.

Source: Richard T. Tyler Home

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