Monday, August 10, 2009

What Are the Best Jobs For Seniors and Boomers?

If you are looking for work relax. Yes you can actually make money month after month on the internet and there are thousands of business that will pay you to do it. You can start as small time as you want and build you business or you can do all the work yourself. Best of all you can work the hours you want and live the live you want. There are many jobs for retirees out there, you just need to know where to look!

Here is what you do:

1) Figure what you like to do. What are your interests, what hobbies do you have. If you are a professional it is easy you can market your own services. If you are not and just want to make money there are thousands of companies that will pay you to market for them.

2) Find a Hungry Market - Do some research - Got to Freewords Wordtracker dot com and see which of your niches actually have people looking for them.

3) Go out to one of the online market places and find a product that you want to promote. These Electronic Market places are great for beginners as they collect the money and mail you a check. No need for you to get a merchant account and worry about charge backs and returns, fulfilling the product or customer service.

4) Once you have found a hungry market and picked a product simply Market your product through the free online services to market., (Press Releases), Fax out press releases to local and national media, Start a Blog, Write Articles.

5) In all of your promotion give out the website of the product you are advertising.

6) Check you online accounts to see what your sales are each day.

7) Go to the mail box and collect your checks!

It really is that easy and once you find the market you want to promote you can outsource the rest of the marketing to online services. You could not turn it off if you wanted to and you will make money month after month year after year.

(Source: Donald Griffith)

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