Monday, August 3, 2009

The Top 20 Jobs For Retired Seniors

Recently there was some research on Career Building for Retired Senior Citizens that found what the Top 20 Jobs For Retired Seniors are. Retirement Jobs are Jobs that a Retired Senior Citizen (age 50+ adults) could pursue as a second career, these jobs are available due to their high demand. According to Robert Skladany, from Retirement, there are certain Jobs that are likely to attract the growing Senior Citizen Workforce.

The Top 20 Retirement Jobs are:

1. Licensed & Registered Nurse

2. Healthcare technician

3. Healthcare administration

4. Teaching assistant & aide

5. Contract & temporary worker

6. Merchandise and grocery retailing

7. Retail sales

8. Accounting & finance, tax preparers

9. Banking & lending

10. Professional driver

11. Customer service representative

12. Non-profit services & administration

13. Insurance & investment services

14. Home care & personal aide

15. Hospitality & food service staff

16. Office clerical & administrative

17. Self-employment

18. Franchise and business owner

19. Small business employers

20. Federal, state, and municipal government

According to the Retirement Weekly Newsletter Nov. 23, 2007, the success of seniors in one of the Top 20 Jobs depend on opportunities, worker preferences, and the ability to meet requirements.

In todays economic situation many Seniors are facing a cash flow crunch, with rising living costs and healthcare expenses Seniors are challenged with having to make the difficult decision of starting a new career during retirement. For example, unlike a younger prospective employee, Seniors face unique challenges with transportation and physical limitations, medical appointments and others. Because of those challenges Seniors often settle for less than they could when seeking a second career primarily due to a lack of appreciating their prior experience and their being able to market themselves in a way that both rewards and excites themselves and benefits the employer.

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  2. For those in the energy industry, we have seen drastic cuts in the workforce for those near retirement and those not even close.

    That leaves the retiree or those near retirement with the need to find other job opportunities. As a recent retiree, I feel that each person should determine what their passion really is and focus on finding a way to gain income from that passion. The internet opens ways to do that either directly or indirectly. Here is a wish that all that want to find employment do find their way to a satisfying and fulfilling job.

    Don D'Armond