Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Law of Attraction - Keep it Simple

(Source: Bryn Appleton)

When you first start out trying to use the law of attraction to change your life or to experience more of what you want, there will probably be a long list of things that you would like to attract. Try to keep it simple at first, though. You don't want to try to change every aspect of your life all at once. Focusing in on one particular goal or one area of your life is much more beneficial, especially if you have not used the law of attraction for very long.

When you try to attract the new car, job, spouse, home, etc., all at once, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment and you will probably give up on using the law of attraction way too early. When you can choose one particular area of your life, your focus on that one thing will be much greater and your potential to attract what you want will also be greater.


Let's say you decide to focus on a new job where you are happier and make more money. Over time, you will be able to acquire the car and the house once you get this job. And when you feel happier about yourself, you will be seen as more attractive by other people so you will have a much easier time trying to attract a relationship partner. Do you see how everything can fall into place when you focus on just one area of your life?

Take the time to figure out what area you want to improve on most in your life. Use the law of attraction and remember to be patient. You can create a snowball effect, but patience is key, And if you do, you just might experience everything falling into place!


Remember the law of attraction can apply more to just the way you live your everyday life. If you own a business or have employees working for or under you, the way you interact with them can change their performance. Having a positive attitude with high expectations from your employees will keep them focused but positive about their job and duties.

There are many Law of Attraction Careers out there that will help you swing into living your life with the law of attraction theme. Like we said before, you can't expect everything to change over night. If you change the way you work positively it will have a positive affect on the way you carry out other day to day activities.

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