Monday, January 12, 2009

Work at Home Jobs - Are They Right For You?

(Source: Dustin Heath)

At any given moment, in any office around the world, you can bet at least one person there is dreaming about work at home jobs. The very notion of not having to face rush hour traffic or that long, packed subway ride when you just want to get home is enticement enough to make a switch to work at home jobs. Then there is the fact that you would be able to leave behind all of the inner office politics, the distractions and facing your boss every single day. Those are all good things, but work at home jobs are not for everyone. Here are the things you need to consider before you make the leap to working from home.

One of the biggest reasons for failure in work at home jobs is a simple one that most people think they can work around - having an actual dedicated space for work. You may think that working at the kitchen table or setting up shop at a card table in the family room would be good enough, but that will catch up to you fast. There are two reasons you need a work space when you work from home - so you know when you are working and you know when you're not. When you go into your work space, you need to get into a productive frame of mind to get the job done. Then, when you leave your work space, you need to be able to enjoy relaxing at home without constantly running in to check your email, answer the phone and so on. If you don't have a decent office space in your house, make getting one a priority before you set up your home based business.

Next, it's time to consider what kind of worker you are. Are you able to motivate yourself to work, even when the TV is so close by or when you know the dishes are piling up in the sink? Will you be able to get work done when you don't feel responsibility to people in an office setting? Another thing to think about is whether you work better independently or in a group. Some people like doing the solo thing, while other people need that human interaction they get every day in the office. Home based work can be lonely - do you crave the solitude or will you miss the companionship in an office?

Last but not least, you have to consider the earning potential and make sure you can make enough working from home to live on in the way you'd like to live. Since most home based work involves you becoming your own boss, you don't have the safety net of a steady paycheck. Having a few backup plans in place will put your mind at ease, or you may consider starting your home based work on a part time basis to feel it out. For the right person, however, home based work can make all the difference in taking back control of your life.

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