Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Working From Home

If you work at home, you know that it's not always a cup of tea. Working from home is definitely not predictable. You will have your good days and, of course without fail, your bad days.

Some of the main opportunities you have working from home are:
• The hours are flexible
• The ability to be your own boss
• The quality time you get to spend with your family

Also, make sure to include the flexibility of taking time off whenever needed, without a lottery list! When the holidays arrive everyone is ready for a break, and you should take full advantage of it. A stress-free Holiday Season with your family will do wonders for your productivity. Just make sure to make all of the necessary arrangements on your sites stating you will be unavailable for a short period of time.

I did have a lot of work and emails waiting for me after the holidays were over...but I didn't let it overwhelm me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off and as a result, I was able to forge ahead with my business with a new perspective and with new motivation. Along with that came new goals for the New Year.

If you work at any job, home or not, relentlessly without any run the risk of burnout and losing your enthusiasm and passion.. That's why working from home gives you the opportunity to step away and rejuvenate yourself and return with a mind that is clear and ready to explore all areas of success. You work hard and therefore deserve a break.

Below are some tips help manage your schedule
• Take an hour for “you” time
• Take a walk
• Take the scenic way to pick up the kids

Remember to always take time to rejuvenate yourself and come back with renewed spirit. This will allow for business growth and revenue.

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